Paper on nontarget analysis of PFAS

We are excited to share Paige’s first first-author paper! Paige collected wastewater samples from three electronics fabrication facilities and performed target and nontarget analyses to characterize the abundance and types of PFASs that occur in electronics wastewater. Read more here to learn about some novel PFAS species that we discovered and how we think they are generated during electronics manufacturing!

Special shout out also to Krista Barzen-Hanson for the fruitful collaboration!!

Paper on Peptide Hydrolysis

August 2020

Happy to share Michael’s latest paper on peptide hydrolysis!

In this study, we used a set of natural peptides to explore the specificity of dissolved extracellular wastewater peptidases to better understand the fate of peptide-based antibiotics during biological wastewater treatment. We discovered specific amino acid residue motifs that were more readily hydrolyzed by extracellular enzymes, which could have implications in the development of sustainable peptide-based antibiotics. Read on to learn more!