Former Research Associate

Former Research Associate

Amy Pochodylo

B.S., Chemistry (Environmental Science), Michigan State University, 2013
M.S., Environmental Toxicology, Cornell University, 2014

Pochodylo and Helbling NYS WRI Report 2016
Pochodylo and Helbling Env. Sci.:Wat. Res. Tech. 2016

Jeffrey J. Werner, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Chemistry Department, SUNY Cortland
B.S., Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ph.D., Water Resources Science - Environmental Chemistry, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Postdoctoral training, Cornell University
Research Interests. I'm an environmental chemist who has spent the past decade working with microbiologists, and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I pursue research questions that explore the connections between microbial communities and their environments, as well as the connections among microbes within a microbiome. Currently, this includes engineered systems for bioenergy production, and microbial communities out in nature, such as microbes growing on hops flowers, or anaerobic benthic microbial communities responding to perturbations. The tools I specialize in for addressing these kinds of questions are high-throughput molecular techniques including metagenomic sequencing and proteomics. As a professor at a primarily undergraduate institution, I’m also dedicated to making sure the research in my lab provides in-depth and meaningful research experiences for SUNY Cortland undergraduate students.  
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