Marika Nell

B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2014
M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, 2018 
Research Interests: I work to understand the fate and water quality impacts of chemicals associated with unconventional shale gas development. Thousands of chemicals have been disclosed as fracking additives or produced water constituents and others are unknown because they are proprietary information or wholly unanticipated. I work to detect these chemicals in flowback and produced waters, surface water, and groundwater using broad analytical methods and suspect and non-target screening techniques. These methods enable a more holistic characterization of fracking-related waters. This is important for developing better environmental monitoring, ensuring proper treatment for fracking produced waters, and assessing the risks presented by spills and improper disposal of these produced waters.
Oetjen et al. TrEAC 2017
Nell and Helbling ESPI 2018
Bamberger et al. ESPI 2019