Corey Carpenter

B.S., Environmental Engineering, Syracuse University, 2014
M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, 2016
Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, 2019
Thesis Title: Removal of micropollutants in biofilters: Hydrodynamic effects on biotransformation rates
Dissertation Title: Environmental monitoring for micropollutants using high-resolution mass spectrometry and data-driven methods
Research Interests: I am interested in improving our environmental monitoring capabilities for organic micropollutants (e.g. pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and industrial chemicals). Today, traditional monitoring practices screen relatively few samples for relatively few micropollutants, which can severely under-represent the true chemical contamination. My research focuses on developing comprehensive micropollutant characterization strategies (i.e. sampling schemes, analytical methods, and data processing methods) to better understand micropollutant sources, fate, and transport in surface waters.
Carpenter and Helbling Wat. Res. 2017
Carpenter and Helbling Env. Sci. Tech. 2018
Carpenter et al. Env. Sci. Tech. 2018
Gao et al. ESPI 2019