ACS Conference - Philadelphia
August 2016

Corey and Marika travelled to Philadelphia to participate in the 252nd National Meeting of the American Chemcial Society. Corey presented the paper, "Removal of micropollutants in biofilters: hydrodynamic effects on biotransformation rates" and Marika presented the paper, "Non-target screening for polar to semi-polar organic compounds in hydraulic fracturing fluids."
Word is - they had a lot of fun!

Cyclopure press release
October 2016

Water Quality Expert Damian Helbling joins
CycloPure’s Scientific Advisory Board
ENCINITAS, CA (PR Newswire) October 5, 2016
Damian E. Helbling, Principal Investigator of the Helbling Research Group at Cornell University, has joined CycloPure’s Scientific Advisory Board. Helbling is a co-inventor of the company’s adsorption technology, and brings years of experience in the research and removal of trace contaminants from water resources. He joins the company’s scientific founder and MacArthur Fellow Will Dichtel on the Scientific Advisory Board.
“We are thrilled to have Damian on our team. His expertise in the detection and understanding of micropollutants in water environments will greatly enhance CycloPure’s efforts to make this important technology available to the public,” said Chief Science Officer, Will Dichtel.
“We are very fortunate to have the two leading experts in this technology help us introduce first ever treatment applications to remove contaminants and make water safe,” added CEO Frank Cassou.
Dr. Helbling was a co-author on the groundbreaking publication of the company’s adsorption technology in the January 14, 2016 edition of Nature. In 2015, Helbling conducted the first comprehensive study of micropollutants in the Hudson River, which was reported this July.
Contamination of water resources by micropollutants is a global health and environmental problem, with greatest risk to infants and unborn children who are most vulnerable to the toxic loads of these chemical compounds.  Advanced analytics have shown that trace organic compounds including residuals of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, detergents, and cosmetics, are persistent in water andretain toxic effect at extremely low concentrations.
CycloPure was formed to commercialize novel adsorption technologies pioneered in the lab of Will Dichtel at Cornell University. Dr. Dichtel is the Robert L. Letsinger Professor of Chemistry
at Northwestern University, and heads the Dichtel Research Group.
Using these technologies, CycloPure is developing a new class of highly adsorbent and sustainable materials for rapid removal of micropollutantsfrom water.The company’s water treatment technology can be incorporated into a variety of filtration products for domestic, industrial, hospital and municipal applications, including purification and conditioning.CycloPure is also developing the technology for use in functionalized fabrics to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other contaminants from air.
For more information about CycloPure, Inc. and our mission to make water safer with breakthrough adsorption technologies, please visit or follow CycloPure at, and
CycloPure Public Relations

Press conference on the Hudson
July 2016

We held a press conference at the docks in Kingston, New York to discuss our ongoing research on micropollutnts in the Hudson River Estuary. Joining us were represenatives from Riverkeeper and the New York State Department of  Environmental Conservation. Some of the resulting stories are here:
The Press Release
Poughkeepsie Journal - Hudson River pollutants: pesticides, drugs and DEET
WAMC Radio Story - Study finds Pharmaceuticals, other Micropollutants in Hudson Estuary
The Daily Freeman - Riverkeeper study finds chemical compounds in Hudson River estuaries but says swimming is generally safe

Gordon Research Conference
July 2016

The 2016 Gordon Research Conference on Environmental Sciences: Water brought together a great group of colleagues to discuss emerging water tretament technologies, water in the Global South, and public health implications of geogenic and anthropogenic pollutants. Plenty to digest from this conference, but already looking forward to GRC2018!

Thesis defense
June 2016

Yuhan has successfully defended his M.S. thesis titled, "Characterization of a novel ß-cyclodextrin polymer for the removal of organic micropollutants from aqueous solution." Well done, Yuhan! 

June 2016

Damian and Amy participated in the Nontarget2016 Conference in Ascona, Switzerland. It was an inspiring week filled with presentations, posters, and workshops delivered by an amazing group of colleagues...and the scenery wasn't too bad either!

New group members
May 2016

We are happy to welcome Yuxin Wang and Chenjun Li to the Helbling Reasearch Group this Spring. Yuxin will work as a postdoctoral researcher following her PhD studies at Carnegie Mellon University and Chenjun with be working on her MS thesis. Welcome Yuxin and Chenjun!

Micropollutant monitoring in the Hudson River Estuary
April 2016

Our report on micropollutants in the Hudson River Estuary during the 2015 recreational season is available on the New York State Water Resources Institure website.

College of Engineering webinar
March 2016

Prof. Helbling joined Profs. Daziano and Gao to deliver a lunch time webinar to Cornell alumni. See the discussion on water quality in the 21st century here.

CEE Graduate Student Symposium
March 2016

The 8th annual CEE graduate student symposium was held on 3/11/16. A number of graduate students participated during three oral sessions and a poster session. The day culminated with an awards ceremony and social hour. Congratulations to Amy for receiving the best oral presentaion award from the faculty judges AND the people's choice award for best oral presentation from the audience. Well done, Amy!


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