ACS Conference
March 2018

Corey presents his paper titled, "Fall Creek Monitoring Station: An automated workflow to identify emerging contaminants using highly resolved temporal sampling" at the ACS National Metting in New Orleans. 

Graduate Student Award
February 2018

Corey was selected as a winner of a 2018 Graduate Student Award in Environmental Chemistry by the Division of Environmental Chemistry (ENVR) of the American Chemical Society (ACS). Congratulations Corey!

New undergraduate research
January 2018

Anya and Natasha will be working to improve our understanding of organic chemical contaminants in water resources of Central America. Welcome Anya and Nat!

Making Sense of Omics
November 2017

Damian travelled to Brussels to partiicpate in a Workshop on chemcial persistence and biological responses to chemcial exposure. Excellent science, networking, and, of course, city-scapes!

ES&T Letters Reviewer Award
October 2017

Damian was recognized by the Editors of Environmental Science and Technology Letters with their annual Excellence in Review Award!

New Undergraduate Research
September 2017

The torch has been passed! Jacqueline Wong has joined the research group to help out with our work at the Fall Creek Monitoring Station. Welcome, Jacqueline!

A new academic year!
August 2017

We start a new academic year this month. We will soon welcome Vicky Wu as a new M.S. student and Casey Ching as a new Ph.D. student. Welcome to all new CEE students!

MS Defense
July 2017

Chenjun successfully defended her M.S. theses titled, "Evaluating a solid-phase extraction method with novel porous cyclodextrin polymers." Congratulations Chenjun!

PFOA paper featured in C&EN News
June 2017

Our latest collaboration with the Dichtel group on cyclodextrin polymers tuned to remove PFOA from water was highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News!

PFOA paper featured in Nature
June 2017

Our latest collaboration with the Dichtel group on cyclodextrin polymers tuned to remove PFOA from water was highlighted Nature!


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